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Felon To Phenomenal is a response to my sorrow.

Never having a father or even a brother in my home growing up,

I was a teen mother at a loss trying to guide my Son

through the drug addiction of the 80's,  the turbulence of the 90's,

and the terrors of the New Millennium.

Felon To Phenomenal is a message to my Beloved Son -

God's Grace remains your birth right and Anything Is Possible!


The United States has the highest incarceration rate in the world. 

Felon To Phenomenal is the Master Class profile of remarkable individuals

as they relate their personal experiences and transformation from

Felon To Phenomenal.


More than 650,000 inmates return to society each year.  Felon To Phenomenal speaks to that population and the people who are affected by them, which is all of America.

Each profile will take the viewer on a true and personal emotional journey,

then leave them feeling inspired about the possibilities for their troubled loved ones or themselves.


Each Felon To Phenomenal portrait features an American who was once deemed

a menace to society and sentenced to felony prison time for their crimes, and then, against all odds, has become an exceptional member of society who reminds us of the potential

that we all possess. 


It is a powerful reminder that Anything Is Possible!


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